Outdoorsy Things to Do in Chhattisgarh, India

A list of outdoor activities to do in Chhattisgarh, India.

September 12, 2023


Outdoors, Things to do, Chhattisgarh, India

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Chhattisgarh, located in the central-eastern part of India, is often touted as the “Rice Bowl of India.” But beyond its agricultural significance, the state is a treasure trove of natural beauty, ancient history, and cultural splendor. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, Chhattisgarh has an array of activities that can quench your thirst for adventure and scenic beauty. Let’s dive into some of the most exhilarating outdoorsy things you can indulge in when visiting this fascinating state.

  1. Chitrakote Waterfalls : Often referred to as the ‘Niagara Falls of India’, the Chitrakote Waterfalls are the broadest waterfalls in the country. Located on the Indravati River, it’s a sight to behold, especially during the monsoon season when the waters are in full spate.

  2. Kanger Valley National Park : A paradise for nature lovers, this national park houses the famous Kutumsar caves and Kailash caves. You can explore these subterranean wonders, witness unique stalactite and stalagmite formations, and even spot diverse wildlife species in the park.

  3. Tirathgarh Waterfalls : Cascading from a height of about 300 feet, the Tirathgarh Waterfalls is another scenic marvel of Chhattisgarh. The falls split into multiple cascades, creating a surreal and picturesque environment.

  4. Indravati National Park : Home to the endangered wild buffalo, this national park offers a rich bio-diversity. Safaris are organized for tourists to witness the diverse fauna including tigers, leopards, and numerous bird species.

  5. Trekking at Mainpat : Known as the ‘Shimla of Chhattisgarh’, Mainpat is a plateau covered with lush greenery. It offers several trekking trails that wind through dense forests, waterfalls, and offer breathtaking views of the valleys.

  6. Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary : Spread over an area of around 245 sq km, this sanctuary is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. You can spot animals like leopards, porcupines, pythons, and various species of deer.

  7. Sirpur Archaeological Site : While it’s primarily a historical site, the open-air ruins and lush green surroundings make it an exciting outdoor experience. Explore ancient temples, monasteries, and structures dating back to the 5th-8th centuries AD.

  8. Rafting on River Indravati : For those seeking adrenaline, white-water rafting in the turbulent waters of River Indravati offers a thrilling experience. The river’s rapids provide a challenging adventure for enthusiasts.

  9. Camping : There are numerous spots in Chhattisgarh that offer camping opportunities. From the forests of Barnawapara to the plains of Mainpat, you can camp under the stars and experience the serenity of nature.

  10. Biking : The topographical diversity of Chhattisgarh offers ample opportunities for mountain biking. Trails through dense forests, meandering rivers, and rocky terrains challenge both novice and seasoned bikers.

  11. Visit Ghatarani Waterfalls : Located near Raipur, Ghatarani is a popular picnic spot. The dense forests surrounding the falls, the serene ambiance, and the temple dedicated to Goddess Durga nearby, make it a must-visit.


Chhattisgarh, with its rich tapestry of forests, waterfalls, wildlife, and ancient ruins, offers an array of outdoor activities that cater to every kind of traveler. Whether you’re a history buff, nature lover, or an adventure junkie, this state promises unforgettable experiences amidst its pristine landscapes. So, pack your bags and get ready to dive into the untouched beauty of Chhattisgarh.

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